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acuvibe massager
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acuvibe massager
Nothing relaxes like the pinpoint massage going right to the pressure points in your body. The patented oscillation massage goes right to where your muscles are tense to provide fast, effective, and accurate relief. Flexible, power-spring mounted massage head gives a comfortable and powerful oscillation massage. Exclusive massage technology focuses 100% of the vibration energy in the massage head, not in your hands like other massagers.
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acuvibe massagers
Acuvibe Human Touch HT-1220 mini soft touch massager vibrator, pink. This compact, cordless handheld massager provides fast, effective and pinpoint relief wherever and whenever you need it. Unlike other massagers, the acuvibe focuses 100 percent of its exclusive oscillation energy in the massage head, not in your hands. So, instead of a numb hand, you enjoy targeted relief from sore, tense muscles anywhere stress affects your body. And its powerful motor is whisper-quiet and runs up to 30 minutes on a single charge, over twice as long as other cordless massagers, making it perfect for the car, office and carry-on bag.
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