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dual voltage hair dryer
Established in 1997, Aimeili Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China custom dual voltage hair dryer sale and cheap dual voltage hair dryers manufacturer, wholesale. Our products are applied in the fields of beauty, salon, hair-dressing and health care. Our company has got the authority to distribute several kinds of the equipment globally. Some of design dual voltage hair dryer have got European CE certificate, FDA certificate, ISO9001:2001 certificate, ISO13485:2003 certificate and some other certificates.
dual voltage hair dryers show
dual voltage hair dryer
T3 Tourmaline Overnight delivers the performance and innovation of the "T3 Featherweight" dryer in a compact, globe-trotting size. Dries hair quickly and safely, and with a static-free finish. Utilizes the sma ebreathrough technologies that have made T3 dryers such a success. Hair will always look great, even while traveling the world.
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dual voltage hair dryers
Brookstone's compact ionic hair dryer with true dual-voltage delivers all the power of a full size unit in half the size. 1,875 watts of power dries hair quickly, and its true dual-voltage capacity allows for use around the world. This portable hair dryer converts from 125v to 250v at the flip of a switch. And unlike some dryers that claim to be "dual-voltage," ours allows you to use both speed settings and the cool shot button in the 250v mode. A built-in ionizer emits negatively charged ions to offset damaging positive ions produced by the environment and conventional hair dryers.
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