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elchim hair dryer
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elchim hair dryers show
elchim hair dryer
HERE IS SOME INFORMATION HANDINESS &CREATIVITY the most balanced dryer on the professinalmarket,performances without comparison and exceptionally long life over 2000 hours. IONIC generator plus for brighter, moisturized and stronger hair, reducing drying time (1,5million ions/cm3). innovative filter with cleaning system control for dryers longer life. nano-technology applications enhancing hair- style.
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elchim hair dryers
The number one professional hairdryer in the world, powerful and practical. Characterized by the classic unmistakable Elchim style, it is chosen by many different trends of hairstylists for its perfect balance between power, performances and working time. with a view to reaching a better style in the shortest time. Double switch, two speeds, four different temperatures. This hair dryer is for use in countries with 220V electricity.
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