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electric treadmill
Established in 1997, Aimeili Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China custom electric treadmill sale and cheap electric treadmills manufacturer, wholesale. Our products are applied in the fields of beauty, salon, hair-dressing and health care. Our company has got the authority to distribute several kinds of the equipment globally. Some of design electric treadmill have got European CE certificate, FDA certificate, ISO9001:2001 certificate, ISO13485:2003 certificate and some other certificates.
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electric treadmill
The Paradigm Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill is designed specifically for safety and a weight capacity of up to 350lbs. Its belt speed ranges from .4 to 4mph for easy and higher speed fitness walking. Extra long safety handles provide walking security and balance at any speed. The heavy duty steel frame is reinforced to provide low impact walking, but also stability. The Paradigm Fitness Walking Treadmill is ready to use out of the box with minimal assembly. The treadmill belt size is 16"x36" with extra wide side rails for easy on and off. A speed control button is located on the handle bar to make it very easy to raise and lower the speed of the treadmill belt. The warranty on the treadmill motor is 5 years and 1 year limited warranty on the frame. The treadmill will fold for storage and can move easily on transportation wheels.
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electric treadmills
The electric treadmill is the right choice for anyone who is looking for this tyoe of exercise machine, so throw out any ideas you might have had about saving cash with the inferior manual version which requires your own strength to get the tread moving in the first place. You might think this is a great idea and would lead to you getting an more effective workout, but the reality is that the extra work is wasted and will only lead to frustration. When using a treadmill you are hoping to get the same pleasure you do when out running on the road and this can only be accomplished when using motorized treadmills.
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