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glycerin soap
Established in 1997, Aimeili Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China custom glycerin soap sale and cheap glycerin soaps manufacturer, wholesale. Our products are applied in the fields of beauty, salon, hair-dressing and health care. Our company has got the authority to distribute several kinds of the equipment globally. Some of design glycerin soap have got European CE certificate, FDA certificate, ISO9001:2001 certificate, ISO13485:2003 certificate and some other certificates.
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glycerin soap
Dial Vitamins soap gives you Dia's cleansing protection
Vitamin E: Moisturizes, smoothes and softens skin, helps protect against UV light damage.
Vitamin A: Increases skin elasticity, moisturizes, improves skin tone.
Dial White Tea and Vitamin E bar soap is enhanced with glycerin, a natural skin humectant that retains moisture in your skin. Glycerin is combined with White Tea extract, a natural antioxidant, and a Vitamin E complex with nutrients and moisturizers to create the perfect balance of feeling clean and moisturized.
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glycerin soaps
French Milled Glycerin Soaps are produced using pure vegetable oils, including 10% olive oil, in a long lasting 8oz. bar. The translucent colors are derived from pure plant and mineral pigments, and natural fragrances and essential oils combine to provide a calming aroma. Lemon Chamomile scent.
An original Body Time product, this glycerin based shaving soap is specially formulated to produce a rich, warm, foamy lather that keeps hair moist and soft for the razor, essential for a close, comfortable shave. Glycerin and other emollients help to prevent the skin from drying out. No added scent or coloring, making this shaving soap a great choice for those with sensitive skin.
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