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isis breast pump
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isis breast pump
Avent Isis iQ Duo Twin Breast PumpThis unique BPA-Free pump is designed with an electronic memory that puts you in control by learning and continuing your personal pumping style. Enjoy complete control over speed, vacuum and pattern you can even set the pump to match your baby's own suckling action. Everything that controls the pump is at your fingertips and close to the breast, which means you can make adjustments instantly and intuitively- no need to reach elsewhere. Five, soft petal massagers gently flex in and out working in tandem with the reliable vacuum. This is intended to help stimulate a fast, natural milk flow. Double pumping has been shown to improve milk production. ISIS iQ DUO is the only breast pump designed to maintain the same level of vacuum and control for both pumps, which helps to ensure effective use.
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isis breast pumps
Now busy mothers can keep their babies happy and healthy anwhere anytime with this wonderful exclusive kit Included is the feature packed Avent BPA Free Isis IQ Duo Twin Electronic Breast Pump an easy to use time saving must have pump for any busy parent Also included is a free Avent Lighter adapter to help you use your electronic pump even on those long trips Keep your baby fed and calm even on the go with this wonderful kit
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